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dIOCC - Corporate Trainer Program

Corporate trainer
There are hundreds of different reasons why people decide to pursue a career as a trainer. Sometimes they’re driven by a desire to help others change the way they live. Sometimes they’re driven by a life experience that instilled in them the value of giving. Sometimes they simply don’t like their current jobs.

No matter how you landed on this path, the fact that you’re here tells us you want to help people improve their skills. And that’s a mission we understand.

The job of a Corporate Trainer, however, is complex, and it requires skills you won't learn in college. Either you are born with them or you have to develop them somewhere along the way.

Getting Your First Corporate Training:
Before you know it you will be ready to look for your first teaching job. Are you wondering what qualities employers want in a teacher?

To give you an idea, here are specifications found in job announcements from various sources:

  •  "Demonstrates knowledge of age appropriate approaches to learning, skills, knowledge, interests and cultural heritage."
  •  "In-depth knowledge of the concepts in skills related to specific content area."
  •  "Ability to effectively use technology as an instructional tool."
  •  "Demonstrated ability to maintain a safe learning environment through well-managed classrooms."
We will help you develop skills which are essential to deliver quality training. Get in touch with us and we will facilitate you  in the path to become a trainer.
DIOCC is a training company. We have a panel of multiple teachers in various domains, closely working with us.

Clients: We work with all major IT giants including - Dell, IBM, Wipro, Infy, TCS, HCL, Honeywell, KPIT to name a few.