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      Main standards and codes

      CABR Tech devotes itself to putting forward solutions for key technical problems met in building construction, the company is active in the study, development and amendment of standards and codes appointed by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Standardization Administration of China, and is the main developer of over 250 national and industrial standards and codes, including 35 national standards and 102 industrial standards for construction, and morn than 110 group standards,Now the development and amendment of more than 70 standards and codes is well under way.

      • 《Code for design of concrete structures》(GB50010-2010)
      • 《Code for seismic design of buildings》(GB50011-2010)
      • 《Loading code for design of building structures》(GB50009-2011)
      • 《Unified standard for reliability design of engineering structures》(GB50153-2008)
      • 《Standard for seismic appraisal of buildings》(GB50023-2009)
      • 《Standard for classification of seismic protection of building constructions》(GB50223-2008)
      • 《Code for acceptance of constructional quality of concrete structures》(GB50204-2011)
      • 《Technical specification for concrete structures of tall buildings》(JGJ3-2010)
      • 《Standard for test methods of long-term performance and durability of ordinary concrete》(GB/T50082-2009)
      • 《Standard for evaluation of concrete compressive strength》(GB/T50107-2010)
      scientific research

      The company has always been committed to promoting the scientific and technological progress of China's construction engineering undertakings, and has undertaken a large number of state-level scientific research projects, such as the "863" plan, the "973" plan, the national science and technology research plan, the national science and technology support plan, the national key research and development plan, and the state. Major scientific research projects such as the Natural Science Foundation and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

      • Main R&D Achievements 1172
      • National Invention Award, National Award for Natural Sciences, National Award for Science and Technology Advancemen 45
      • Award for Science and Technology Advancement(by ministries, commissions and provinces) 189
      • Award for Science and Technology Advancement of CABR 273
      • Award for Youth Science and Technology Advancement of CABR 105
      • Patents and Software Copyrights 335

      As an important part of “the National Key Laboratories for Building Safety and Environment,” CABR Tech has built up laboratories of shaking table, wind tunnel, innovative building materials, large-scale structures and green buildings, which are equipped with all necessary facilities and advanced equipments and can accomplish various experimental tasks of scientific research and consultation。

      Up to now, the shaking table laboratory is the largest in scale ( 6m×6m ) and standard load ( 60t ) and the most advanced in technology in China. Its technical index and control accuracy is among the top levels in international markets, and can carry out various earthquake shaking table experiments of complicated structures and shaking table experiments of various equipments and products.

      Exterior appearance & inner devices of the shaking table lab.

      The wind tunnel laboratory ( construction area of 4665m² ) has a boundary layer wind tunnel with down-blowing double-spectrum, which is the largest in construction scale in China. The total length of the wind tunnel is 96.5 meters. Its high speed spectrum is 4m×3m×22m( width×height×length ) with the highest wind speed of 30m/s, and its low speed spectrum is 6m×3.5m×21m with the highest wind speed of 18m/s. With such advanced testing equipments as synchronous electronic scanning valve, multiple laser vibration meter and high-frequency scale, the laboratory can carry out research and consultation work on anti-wind and wind environment experiment, CFD numerical simulation, and wind vibration analysis.

      Exterior appearance of the wind tunnel lab. & the wind tunnel

      With a construction area of nearly 3000m²,the laboratory of innovative building materials is equipped with the first-class apparatus in China, and can carry out experiments about physical mechanics performance of concrete raw materials, admixtures, restoration and renovation materials and waterproof materials.

      Effect picture of the innovative building materials lab.

      Built in 1955, the large-scale structure laboratory is one of the largest in the building construction industry of China with the longest history. The laboratory hall covers 1700m² with over 100 sets of equipments, a 400-ton hydraulic vertical loading jack and a 150-ton horizontal loading electro-hydraulic servo actuator. It can carry out structure static test and low cyclic reversed lateral loading test.

      Large-scale structure lab.

      The green building laboratory ( 1500m² ) is equipped with temperature heat flow circuit meter, electronic tensile strength tester, site testing instruments of “the three performances” of door & window, anti-wind pressure testing equipment, testing equipment of weatherability of thermal insulation of external walls, testing equipment of thermal insulation performance of door & window, testing equipment of heat transfer coefficient of walls, infrared thermal imager,heat flow meter thermal conductivity instrument, and testing laboratory of sound insulation performance. It can carry outexperiments about various testing engineering and testing of products and materials.

      building lab. Exterior appearance & inner devices of the green

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